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Ask yourself a few basic questions:

Cow Comfort
Is the cow housing well ventilated or do you get condensation dripping off the purlins?
Do cows have calluses on the back of their neck from rubbing on the feed barrier?
Do cows have good clean access to all grazing fields?
Is there a copious supply of clean water in the housing and in all grazing fields?

     Are they all in good order and the right size for your cows?
     Do cows stand half in the cubicles with their back feet in the dung passage?
     Do some cows have swollen hocks?
     Do you have at least 5% more cubicles than cows?   more on cubicles >>

Loose yards:
     Do you have 10m² of space per cow?
     Do you provide fresh bedding at least once a day?
     Do you clean out the loose yards at least every 4-6 weeks?

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