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Farmer Comments / Case Studies

After a How’s My Herd™ assessment Cornish producer Mark Oliver commented “It’s good to have a fresh pair of eyes looking at every aspect that we look at everyday”. Since the herd assessment and the actions taken as a result, Mark has noticed increased production, lower disease incidence and cleaner cows. Lying times have increased as a result of cubicle adjustments. “Now that the cows are more comfortable they’re much happier and so are we!” says Mark.

Following the results of the ration evaluation, condition scoring and dung assessment, the recommended ration changes have already resulted in financial and production benefits. “The report has given us detailed measures on a huge range of key factors and identified where we needed to take action first for greatest benefit - often low cost solutions.” comments Mark.

The How’s My Herd™ service is an ideal way to assess the entire production system on any unit giving practical solutions to the limiting factors.

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