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Farmer Comments / Case Studies

Paul Candy of Pyle Farm, near Frome, Somerset was "prepared to spend whatever it takes" to improve cow housing and thereby cow health in his 200 cow herd producing 9,300 litres per cow. Before he did he decided to call in Kingshay to conduct a How’s My Herd™ assessment"

We were ready to rip out the existing five rows of cubicles and replace them with four rows of new ones," he says. " If necessary, we were prepared to spend thousands." A smoke bomb test proved the cow housing to be poorly ventilated.
The cubicles had design faults which meant some cows would lie too far forward and have insufficient space for cows to lunge forward. A number of block walls that were performing no useful function were removed. . On the non-prevailing wind side, cladding was removed and ventilation outlets created. Roof ridges were raised or opened up.

The benefits were immediate says Paul Candy. "There was a fresher atmosphere in the building and it felt healthier straight away."
The changes to the cubicles mean cows are lying down for longer and staying much cleaner too. "By spending a few hundred pounds on a How’s My Herd™ assessment, we have saved thousands and, into the bargin, avoided the disruption and hard work of major building alterations." says Paul Candy.

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