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Many herds today are housed in ageing buildings and facilities. Cows don’t care if your cubicles were installed last year or last century but they do care if they are comfortable or not.

Kingshay has its own Cubicle Doctor, Technical Manager Dr. Martin Yeates who runs our cubicle demonstration unit at our farm base in Somerset.

Through careful observations Martin has identified the key measurements that add up to a comfortable cubicle for today’s dairy cow. His work has shown that in many cases it is possible to find low cost solutions to high cost problems.

The key is to understand what your cows’ behaviour tells you; for example on many farms we find cows standing half in and half out of the cubicles. It is a sure sign there’s a problem but it’s one which can often be fixed at very little cost.

If you have a problem with your cubicles, we can help. Contact Us

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